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Gene's Pizza Reviews....

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, 2010 5:46 am    Post subject: Gene's Pizza Reviews.... Reply with quote

After 40 years of having searched all of New England, and the Tri-State area (NY,NJ,CT) for the 'best' IMO pizza; I figured I could drag you along to some that would surprise you for their uniqueness as well as quality of pizza. The Whole Wheat Crust at ZPizza REALLY has to be tried for one to be a believer. As a staunch NYC 'street Slice' kind of guy, I was duly impressed by the qualities of that dough. There was a barely discernable gumline yet it had the chew of a street slice! Airy and not cardboard dense as most whole wheat crusts have gotten a reputation for. Granted, ZPizza represents itself as a healthy pizza, what with all their choices of crusts and toppings. From a health perspective if I was to eat pizza more than once a week as a main meal, not just a slice here and there; I would be making the ZPizza whole wheat crust and go from there.

My next trip back to NYC I am going back to ZPizza to give their other crusts a try, as they sell by the slice. I know the whole wheat crust I tried went well with the garlic suce, and now I'd like to know how the tomato sauce tastes on it. Similiar to whole wheat pasta and sauce I would guess.

As an aside, MOST of the 'raved about' Jersey Shore pies ARE Cracker Crust or a derivative there of. Especially the places East of the GSPKWY/I95, seems folks grew up eating Cracker Crust ie All Purpose Flour Doughs and got so used to it they thought 'it's the real deal'. I ASSURE you it's NOT! Tastes like eating Campbell's Tomato Soup on Saltine crackers...ESPECIALLY the 'Pete n Elda's' who my neighbors here raved about so much I got right in my car and drove there THAT NIGHT! It took an HOUR to drive there and I ate a whole DOUBLE LARGE Plain Cheese Pizza JUST to get the shirt and crossed it off my list! But the place was packed full of ill informed pizza people eating it like it was THE FINEST pizza in NJ!! LOL!

I knew Steve, the owner of MYSTIC PIZZA, BEFORE it became a movie! I used to sit at the lunch counter there in 1971, because there were only 4 small 2 seater tables in the 'dining room' at the time. Once the place got known, then it got the movie deal and the place was changed forever! It was expanded and the pizza even changed IMO. It went from a lunch slice to more yuppie which just isn't the same anymore.

The 'Recovery Room' in New London CT has better pizza than Mystic Pizza today! They actually opened a second location just down the street and around the corner from Mystic Pizza, and it's where I go for pizza.

Glad you enjoyed my reviews, and I want to be able to include photographic proof of a visit to make my reviews bonifide in the eyes of readers. If not then anyone can claim to have visited a pizza place and 'knock/slam them' or give them 'props' they are'nt due. This is what makes a website valid IMO. There's no BSing' you've been to keste's when Roberto himself takes 10 minutes out of the start of his day to speak with you about his pizza.

You always have an open invitation to come out and stay here to review pizza places in person Albert. I have another pizza being delivered from across the State! in Princeton, NJ from 'Old World Coal Fired Ovens Pizza' as I type this! II JUST got off the phone with the friend who is driving it back. It's such a good pizza it makes the 1 1/2 hour drive in the box, then reheats fine!!

Best Pizza on the North Shore is up in Haleiwa in front of the Bakery, next to the Grocery store IMO. The girl who works the counter is from DEAL, NJ!! About 30 minutes South of me here, how ironic eh?

Mahalo! Gene
"Pizza on Earth...Good Will to All!"
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