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Discover the Legends of Pizza
Pizza the Movie Delivers!

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 4:28 pm    Post subject: Pizza the Movie Delivers! Reply with quote

Pizza, the Movie Review
by Albert Grande

Pizza! The Movie came out several years ago. While there have been new tales and stories to share, the basic concept of this film is timeless. The truth of pizza is unchanged. The film has historical value as well.
The film attempts to cover many different aspects about pizza. The good of pizza, the bad of pizza and the tasteless.

One of my absolute favorite scenes is when Dorian is interviews one of the head executives of a major pizza chain. Dorian explains the reverence some pizza makers have toward creating pizza. The executive looks blankly showing no clue about pizza. “It’s just pizza” he says.

Clearly this high paid executive will never get the true importance some of us share for this magical little disc that makes things happen.
Pizza! The Movie was an ambitious project to begin with. On the surface making pizza seems simple enough. C'mon you make dough with water, yeast, salt and maybe add some olive oil. Stretch out the dough, throw on a little olive oil, some tomatoes, some cheese and pepperoni or whatever. It's easy. Right?

Not so to anyone who has made pizza from the heart, and certainly not for someone who makes a movie with heart about pizza. Pizza! The Movie will not be all things to all people. The film does not pretend to be. There will be pizza fans who are disappointed. After all filmmaker Michael Dorian had to narrow his focus.

Dorian has done an excellent job of hitting all of the high spots of pizza. He tackles New York Pizza. He discusses Chicago Deep Dish pizza. He uncovers the Chicago Deep Dish controversy. He travels the country from end to end searching out snippets and facts about the pizza culture.

He interviews Peter Reinhart of American Pie,* he talks to Chris Bianco, of Pizzeria Bianco, I even noticed Gary Bimonte of Pepe's* comparing good pizza to a home-run.

He touches on Pizza Delivery Drivers, featuring a clip from another movie about Pizza Delivery Drivers. He talks to pizza fans of all ethnic flavors and tastes. Dorian left no pizza box unopened or pizza pie untasted.

He uncovers several myths and tales about pizza. One of the brightest moments of the film is an uncensored interview with the late Ed LaDou. Ed LaDou changed the the idea of what pizza is and what it could become. He raised the bar by pushing the tastes of pizza to unknown limits.
LaDou was the unsung creator of Wolfgang Puck's Pizza as well as the creator of the menu for California Pizza Kitchen. Ed LaDou is truly one the Legends of Pizza. Both Puck and the owners of CPK, understandably, declined to be interviewed for this film.

Dorian, however, needed a focus, to pull the movie together. The stage is set, the lights are dimmed. Enter Tony Gemignani, five time World Champion Pizza Thrower, owner of Pyzano's of California and head of the U.S. Pizza Team. Tony's struggles are chronicled as he faces a major dispute in a Pizza Tossing Championship. The drama unfolds as the two major pizza magazines of the pizza industry (PMQ and Pizza Today) are pitted against one another.

We follow Tony and his new team The World Pizza Champions to Italy to compete against other countries in Pizza Tossing, dough stretching and other pizza related events. Tony shows his passion and emotions for all things pizza.

This is a must see film for anyone who ever enjoyed a pizza. This film captures the taste and essence of pizza right up to the end. The use of Joe Dolce's incredible anthem "Pizza, Pizza", for the closing credits, is a clever addition.

My only complaint: Dorian should rename the film Pizza! The Movie, Volume Number 1.

I am sure there is enough material left on the cutting room floor for several other Pizza! The Movies, Volumes 2,3,4 and 5! I can't wait.
Pizza on Earth...

You can now get your own copy of Pizza! The Movie,
Get it now for the price of a large pizza!

go here now:

You can even partner with Dorian to sell Pizza, The Movie in your pizza establishment.

Here is the link:

Make sure you tell Michael, Albert Grande, of Pizza Therapy sent you.

"Pizza on Earth...Good Will to All!"
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Can't wait for my copy to arrive!!!!!!

Mark's kitchen & Smokin' BBQ
Head cook
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