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Are you a Pasta Maker?

Do you want to learn to make homemade pasta and become a pasta maker?

Looking for a Pasta Machine to make fresh homemade pasta?

There is one machine that is the best pasta maker.

This is the pasta machine I own (and so did Aunite Mary, and she made all or our pasta!)

The only pasta machine I recommend is the Imperia:

It's all about Therapy: Pasta Therapy

Growing up in an Italian household, pasta was a staple food group. We usually ate it several time a week.

As kids, we loved it. We still love it. Pasta seems to have been getting bashed, lately, for no apparent reason.

Pasta is healthy, it's easy and it's good! What could be better than that?

Pasta is a world-wide universal food group. There are many cultures that enjoy variations of this wonderful cuisine.

According to Jeni Wright in her "Pasta Bible" there is no question that Marco Polo brought noodles to Italy from his travels to China during 1295.

She suggests that pasta may have been used in Italy many years before by both the Romans and Sicilians. She states there is much evidence to suggest pasta was enjoyed by the Italians.

Initially considered a peasant food, pasta was soon consumed by the masses.

You can now unlock some of the secrets of pasta.

I love pasta. There is only one thing I love more than pasta and that is pizza.

You can learn to make pasta that is homemade, right here. will teach you to make homemade pasta. You will easily learn to make homemade pasta. is a certified Pasta Website.

Learn to make pasta right here at

That's Pasta Therapy

Check out the pasta recipes and pasta resources.

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Why Should you Make Your Own Pizza

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